United Car Wash in Stow, Ohio

Just wanted to give a quick ‘shout-out’ and ‘thank you’ to the Petit team:

At 3:30AM yesterday morning, I received a notification by text of an “air compressor, motor run-on” at my Graham Road facility.

I immediately headed there and found that the compressor was not running, but the contactor was energized. I checked the motor reset button and when I reset it, the motor just hummed. I then checked the start capacitor and, sure enough, it went bad. I got online and found one that would work in stock at Grainger, which opens at 7:30AM.

By 8:00AM we were back in business before the day began!

Thanks to this notification, there wasn’t a single customer who experienced any problems. The tank even had a remaining 100psi in it when I got there!

At 8:00AM when I moved the cones, the cars started coming in.

What normally would have been a mid-morning crisis of people calling and complaining plus a loss of revenue and my team frantically searching for a part last minute, turned into a minor blip on the radar.

Kudos to the Petit equipment. You saved the day again!

– Don DeSario