Automatic Car Wash Equipment

1968 was a landmark year in innovation. Boeing unveiled the model 747, human beings orbited the moon for the first time, and Tom Petit, Sr. and his wife Rita Petit opened their first car wash in Norton, Ohio. This was the beginning of what would become known as Petit’s Auto Wash.
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360-i In-Bay Car Wash

Featured Auto Wash Systems and Equipment Products

360-i In-Bay Car Wash Equipment

360-i In-Bay Car Washing Equipment

Complete in-bay car wash systems featuring touchless technology, increased spray impact and low maintenance. Wash up to 29 cars per hour.

360-t Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

360-t Tunnel Car Washing Equipment

Complete or upgrade your existing tunnel car wash with patented auto wash machinery. Double the cleaning power with half the maintenance.

"The construction of the Accutrac speaks volumes to the thought behind every detail of the machine."

- Glen Sheeley, Wash Co, Middletown, NY

"My customers have commented: ‘It feels like the car wash is actually scrubbing the car because it rocks the car and does such a good job cleaning.' "

- Dan Bell, Murrysville Car Wash, Murrysville, PA

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