OTTO Car Washes in Kansas City, Missouri

We recently purchased our third Accutrac 360-i. Our family car wash story started in 1972. We have seen a lot of IBAs (in-bay automatics) in the industry come and go. The 360-i was something different from build and quality, to the incredible wash speed. We can now wash the largest 4-door Dually to the smallest Smart Car – and don’t forget the van with the ladder rack 8 feet high. This system will wash just about anything. If a vehicle is a little too long, it will wash three sides, not leaving soap on the car.

Our first 360-i is now 5 years old. Our servicemen frequently joke, “When will this thing breakdown so I can learn to work on it?!” We have done very little maintenance, and the work we have done has been mostly preventative. At our Castle Car Wash location, our sales have increased even as the competition has grown. The last several years have brought three tunnel washes to the surrounding area. My sales are so strong at this location that we now have two 360-i systems washing 24/7.

– Mark White