Olympic Car Wash in Olathe, Kansas

I have been in the car wash business for 20 years and have used competitor brands including Magic Wand, D&S and Washworld equipment. I had seen an Accutrac 360-i installed in another car wash in our area and the owner had nothing but good things to say about it. I had just purchased a car wash that desperately needed new automatics, so I visited Tom Petit at his office and learned some more about the machinery and company.  After the visit, I was so convinced that this was the machine I wanted that I ordered 3 of them.

The installation guide is thorough, and the Petit wash team has always been very helpful in answering any questions. We have had the machines operational for 3 months with no problems including those typical issues seen during start-ups. My main reason for going with the Accutrac was the speed, but equally important is the way it will continue washing in almost every situation. Also, I believe the highest quality parts available have been used so it never breaks down prematurely. We have had many positive comments from our customers. Our average price per wash and customer count are up significantly. I would definitely purchase another system in the future.

– Steve Hendrix