Murrysville Car Wash in Murrysville, Pennsylvania

I’ve been in the car wash industry for 9 years so this isn’t my first experience with car wash equipment. I had a PDQ Laserwash that constantly broke down, making me think: “Is the car wash industry really for me?” Petit Auto Wash Equipment helped me answer that question.

First off, the Petit support team is second to none. With PDQ it was always “my fault” or the “utilities fault” and I could never get accurate, helpful technical support. Petit’s technical support team always listens and helps me or my distributor fix the problem. Problems are few and far between and are usually so minor that it can be fixed on the spot.

Over the course of 5 years my Laserwash was down for a combined two months’ worth of time and the repair costs well exceeded $10,000. When I replaced my Laser with the Accutrac 360-i, I saw my wash volume increase by 20% and I’ve been down a total of one day over 4 years in service. Plus, the total repair costs for the Accutrac 360 have been less than $1,000 over those four years!

My customers can tell the difference as well, they’ve commented: “It feels like the car wash is actually scrubbing the car because it rocks the car and does such a good job cleaning the car.”

I love working with Petit because they feel like family and genuinely care about their customers success.

– Dan Bell