Car Wash: Dual Spray Arms Coverage Benefits

Petit Auto Wash Equipment is no stranger to innovation, and our designs have helped provide a better, faster and more efficient car wash for both owners and customers.

Our dual spray arms can wash, wax and rinse cars at a rate of 180 cars per hour (Accutrac 360-t) and 29 an hour for in-bay systems (Accutrac 360-i), faster than most other options on the market. Featured in both the Accutrac 360-t and 360-i models, our dual spray arms provide superior cleaning power that will leave vehicles in pristine condition post wash.

Double the Cleaning

Petit’s washing capabilities are enhanced by our high-speed, high-quality oscillating nozzles. Compared to typical car wash equipment, the spray nozzles on our Accutrac 360 models are twice the size and deliver twice as much spray power. The spray pattern is narrower than other nozzles, allowing for a tightly focused point of contact.

As a vehicle movies through Accutrac’s spray arms, each nozzle will oscillate back and forth at high speeds that allow every spot of the car body to be cleaned twice, at minimum.

Benefits of Double Spray Coverage:

  • Applies soap more evenly
  • Better high-pressure wash
  • Improves spot-free rinse results

The 360-i can go beyond double spray cleaning with its “super-clean” mode. Designed for caked-on grime and stubborn spots, super-clean provides quadruple spray coverage to better handle bugs and other hard-to-remove debris.

Made with Taller Vehicles in Mind

Oscillating spray nozzles deliver a quality wash for taller vehicles and are uniquely designed to handle vehicles with ladder or luggage racks and other accessories. With the ability to wash vehicles up to 8 feet high, that is 6 to 12 inches higher than the standard wash height of most tunnel car wash systems.

Efficient Equipment

Double spray capability might lead some proprietors to believe our equipment requires more energy, but that is not the case. Data shows our systems use almost half the amount of water per hour of other equipment – 43 gallons of water per hour compared to 70-80 gallons per hour. Accutrac systems reduce water usage by monitoring for vehicle height and turning off unnecessary nozzles depending on which sprayers are needed. Learn more about our Accutrac systems and their use of double spray nozzles or contact us today with any questions.