Auto Wash Equipment: 5 Reasons to Upgrade

When was the last time you took inventory to assess the effectiveness of your auto wash equipment? Your car wash should work harder than you do. Upgrading to high-performance equipment such as the Accutrac 360 Car Wash can streamline your operations, cut out the headaches, and maximize profitability. Here are just five reasons it might make sense to upgrade your car wash system.

Shorter Wait Times

Broken equipment that takes a bay out of operation both delays service and lowers customer confidence that they will receive a quality wash. Customers frustrated with a wait will go elsewhere.

A new, reliable auto wash system can slash customer wait times and help you exceed their expectations. A customer’s first choice for a car wash, along with convenient location, will be one that has available, operational bays, since reliability is a premium characteristic of any service operation.

Double Your Cars Per Hour

Double the volume without increasing the footprint of your business. Next to equipment costs, and depending on geographic location, property costs could be your greatest expense. New equipment from Petit can increase vehicles served by a minimum of 50% compared to older wash systems in each operational bay.

Most in-bay auto wash equipment can handle 13-17 cars per hour (CPH) maximum. With Petit, field reports from current owners show figures of 26-27 CPH on a consistent basis, with up to 29 CPH potential. This translates into 3,000-5,000 cars per month, per bay.

Reliable by Design

Owners can pay anywhere from $6,000-$20,000 per year repairing old equipment. In fact, breakdowns are the number one complaint. An owner can instead opt to invest that amount in a loan or lease for new equipment.

Petit systems have no pneumatic tires or belts, and breakdowns are a rarity. This saves money on repairs or replacement parts that can be both expensive and hard to find, depending on the age of the equipment.

In fact, Petit equipment uses the best components to minimize maintenance and extend product lifespan. Read about our commitment to quality construction here.

In addition, new equipment has an immediate, positive visual impact on the consumer, adding “curb appeal” to your operation. This can be a significant deciding factor in whether a potential customer stops at your car wash or a competitor’s down the road.

Real-Time System Monitoring

Whether you’re one mile or 100 miles from the facility, Petit equipment systems offer operators multiple options to remotely manage all functions of the car wash. Change the wash recipe with the click of a button. Receive status alerts via e-mail or text. These can be triggered by system failures or outside conditions such as freezing temperatures, lower water pressure, flooding and more.

In the event a repair might be necessary, these alerts help pinpoint the issue so repairs can be conducted more easily, and larger, more expensive problems are avoided.

Save on Chemicals, Water, and/Utilities

Newer systems like Petit Auto Wash equipment offer greater efficiencies not just with cars serviced per hour, but can also save on water, electricity and chemical costs.

For example, the Accutrac 360-i from Petit has larger spray nozzles for more concentrated cleaning power yet can cut water use drastically—using approximately half of the water needed in other systems, even for underbody and spot-free applications.

Older systems require operators to guess when a barrel of chemicals is low. The Petit system makes accounting easy, offering an option that calculates and reports the amount of chemicals and water used per vehicle.

These features generate concrete data for the operator to evaluate the potential for opening another wash center or installing an additional bay.

Help with My Yelp

Finally, an upgrade can help avoid negative reviews. Some customers vote silently with their feet (or wheels) if they’re unhappy and simply take their business elsewhere. More vocal customers will whip out a mobile device to register an opinion about your car wash in one of the major online review centers. And what spurs people to action more often than consistently good service is a bad experience that leaves them annoyed or angry.

Negative reviews can have a devastating impact. The vast majority of consumers — 94% — say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. An upgrade to new, reliable equipment helps prevent negative reviews in the first place, as well as populate Google and Yelp with new, positive reviews This helps to increase business and heighten your authority in search engines.

When you determine its time to upgrade that car wash equipment, reduce maintenance costs and increase cars per hour served, call Petit Auto Wash. We’ll help determine the best car wash system for your space and traffic.