Accutrac 360-t


High Volume Auto Cleaning System

Patented Spray Arch for Auto Prep, Hybrid Tunnel or Touchless Tunnel Car Wash Equipment Applications

The Accutrac 360-t is a patented, robotic high-pressure spray arch that can be installed in automatic tunnel or conveyor car wash equipment systems. The 360-t has the unique ability to travel with a vehicle as it moves along the conveyor. This tracking movement enables the spray arms to get closer to a vehicle’s surface while also spending more time cleaning the fronts and backs of all vehicles.

The Accutrac 360-t utilizes oscillating nozzles to provide high impact cleaning power to all vehicle surfaces but is particularly efficient at offering overlapping coverage of license plate areas on the fronts and backs of all vehicles. With as little as 30 inches of space between vehicles, and at speeds capable of cleaning up to 180 cars per hour, the 360-t will significantly increase the cleaning capabilities of your tunnel wash while simultaneously decreasing the amount of manual labor required for operation and maintenance.

"We have just shy of 400k cars on the unit and there have only been minor mechanical repairs all of which we have been able to resolve in house without needing our distributors to come out for service."

- Alma Wilcher, Breeze Thru, Longmont, CO

Automated Prepping in a Friction Tunnel Wash

When placed after a pre-soak arch near the entrance of a friction tunnel wash, the Accutrac 360-t will automatically pre-spray or prep the entire vehicle prior to entering the friction portion of the wash process. With the appropriate setup, this machine can completely eliminate the manual labor required to remove heavy soil, bugs, mud or snow.

The Accutrac 360-t will do the majority of the cleaning and once cars enter the friction component of the wash system, they will be free of all abrasive dirt and grit. Friction components of the wash can use a gentler touch, which will protect sensitive areas on vehicles including license plates, mirrors, rear windshield wipers and spare tire covers. As a result, problems are reduced, vehicles are cleaner and friction materials will last longer.

"The Accutrac allows us to wash cars with zero prep. Better cleaning resulting in a better customer experience and our foam lasting much longer."

- Glen Sheeley, Wash Co, Middletown, NY

Hybrid Tunnel Wash

The Accutrac 360-t takes up less than 10 feet of tunnel space. Even so, shorter tunnels may not have enough room to use the Accutrac 360-t for automated prepping. In this case, placing the Accutrac 360-t near the middle of the tunnel will add tremendous cleaning power to the wash process.

The high impact spray will remove dirt and bugs in areas where the friction components cannot reach resulting in significantly cleaner vehicles, particular vehicle fronts and backs. The Accutrac 360-t will also differentiate your car wash from competitors. It provides a unique positive sensory experience for your customers. Owners of the 360-t regularly receive customer feedback that the equipment “sounds and feels very powerful” and that “it does a great job of cleaning my vehicle.”

Touchless Tunnel Car Wash

In many markets, a touchless car wash is an appealing alternative to friction. In the past, cleaning a car in a tunnel wash without friction was problematic since high pressure equipment lacked ample cleaning power, primarily when cleaning the fronts and backs of vehicles.

The Accutrac 360-t addressed these problems by significantly increasing the force of the spray and by moving the spray arms with the vehicle as it proceeds down the conveyor. This tracking motion allows the spray nozzles to get closer to the front and back of each vehicle, keeping them there for a longer period of time. With proper chemical setup, sufficient dwell time and an Accutrac 360-t, a touchless tunnel wash can yield exceptionally clean and shiny cars.

Safe and Easy Operation

There is no learning curve required to operate the Accutrac 360-t car wash equipment and adjustments are never needed after initial installation. The 360-t continuously monitors conveyor speed, vehicle position, length and height, and automatically adapts to changing conditions as they arise.

The Accutrac 360-t is also designed to handle common problems that occur in a tunnel wash. The spray arms are equipped with impact sensors, self-resetting “break-away” mechanisms and plastic covers. The spray arms are free to be pushed in any direction but are held in place by gravity and light spring pressure. The Accutrac uses multiple sensors to read the vehicle and will always react to avoid contact.

If vehicles are spaced less than 30 inches apart, the spray arms will not move between those vehicles. If a car has “jumped a roller”, or has been driven out of position, the Accutrac will move to avoid it. If the system cannot react quickly enough and results in a vehicle strike, the spray arms will simply be pushed out of the way and the equipment and conveyor will immediately stop. The simple press of a button will retract and reset the equipment.

Provides Superior Cleaning Power

Compared to typical car wash equipment, the spray nozzles on an Accutrac 360-t are twice as large and therefore deliver twice as much spray impact. In addition to its larger size, the nozzle’s spray pattern is significantly narrower and more tightly focused than that found on other equipment. Concentrating the extra available spray force of the Accutrac’s nozzle on a smaller area results in cleaning power that is two to four times to greater than competitors. When using the 360-t car wash, the powerful water spray impact is immediately apparent to customers and proprietors.

Oscillating Nozzles Wash the Vehicle Twice with Just One Pass

As the Accutrac’s dual spray arms proceed around a vehicle, individual spray nozzles oscillate back and forth at a speed that ensures every spot on the vehicle is covered at least twice. This double spray coverage creates a more effective high-pressure wash and significantly improves rinse results.

Patented Design Adjusts Spray Force According to Vehicle Heights

Many high-pressure spray arches can thoroughly clean the tops of tall vehicles, but lack enough power to clean the hoods and windshields on smaller vehicles. The Accutrac 360-t has a patented vertical profiling system that measures the height profile of each vehicle and automatically adjusts the spray force accordingly. This allows the Accutrac to deliver the same cleaning power regardless of the distance between the spray nozzles and a vehicle surface. Currently, there are no other wash systems on the market that use this type of technology.

Wash Taller Vehicles, Ladder Racks and Other Accessories

The Accutrac 360-t can wash vehicles up to eight feet high – that’s six inches higher than the height limit on most automatic tunnel car washes. This system is also built to handle vehicles with ladders, ladder racks, ski rack and other accessories.

Uses Less Water and Less Electricy

Despite having larger spray nozzles, the Accutrac 360-t saves on water and electricity. At a conveyor speeds of 150 cars per hour, the Accutrac high pressure arch uses less than 20 gallons of water per car. Water consumption drops to 13 gallons per car if your tunnel wash system does not require the top sprayer of the arch and only uses the 360-t to clean the front, back and sides of the vehicles.

The Accutrac 360-t uses two methods to reduce water and electricity consumption. First, by scanning the height of the vehicle and selectively turning spray nozzles on or off as needed. And second, the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) controls spin the pumps faster or slower depending on the vehicle height and the number of nozzles in use at any given moment.

"The Accutrac was the only logical choice! We use Sonny's Omni arches, MCWW Axis arches, and flood arches at different locations with differing results. But the Accutrac application is consistent, and we don't have to constantly throw parts at it like we do our other equipment."

- Alma Wilcher, Breeze Thru, Longmont, CO

Durable, Low Maintenance Car Wash Equipment

We have left no stone unturned in our search to develop automatic car wash equipment that uses the best components and techniques available to minimize maintenance and extend product lifespan. Some of our many technical innovations include the use of all stainless steel construction, sealed hypoid gearboxes and long-life polymer insert bearings.

Our patented spray arms eliminate the need for rotary swivels, making them ideal for use with reclaim water systems. Motors and electrical boxes are heated to prevent condensation and corrosion and the wash bay equipment has no pneumatic tires, belts or pulleys. All of these features combine to drastically reduce the amount of maintenance required.

  • Wash at conveyor speeds up to 180 cars per hour 
  • Vehicle tracking feature enables the spray arms to effectively clean front and rear of vehicles with as little as 30 inches of space between them
  • Standard 8-foot-high vehicle clearance increases available customer base 
  • Increased cleaning power due to use of high impact oscillating nozzles and vertical vehicle profiling
  • Electric and water consumption is reduced using VFD motor control and by selective activation of spray nozzles according to vehicle height
  • Reduced maintenance: no rotary swivels, pneumatic tires, belts or pulleys 
  • Automatically adjusts to changing conveyor speeds, vehicle position, length and height 
  • Patented vertical vehicle profiling increases spray impact and reduces water usage
  • All stainless steel and corrosion-proof components are used in the wash bay, while all plumbing components and fittings are also stainless
  • Heated motors and electrical enclosures reduce condensation and extend component life
  • Sealed hypoid gearboxes are highly efficient and maintenance free
  • Replaceable polymer inserts extend the lifespan of idler wheels and other pivoting components
  • Stainless steel hose end fittings
  • Custom colors and graphics
  • Available with or without top washer
  • Tunnel Equipment Dimensions: 9’5” long x 14’11.75” wide x 10’11” high 
  • Control Power: 17 Amps @ 208/230V 3-phase
  • 25-Hp Pump Power: 65/60/30 Amps @ 208/230/460 Volt 3-phase (quantity of two required for dual-pump version)

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