The Accutrac Wash System


Innovative Parts and Equipment

Superior and Durable Equipment

Petit Auto Wash is a leading manufacturer of automatic car wash equipment that utilizes the latest advancements in technology to achieve better results. These advancements allow our Accutrac line of car wash equipment to deliver superior performance with lower overall operating costs. Our equipment is manufactured with the best components and techniques available in order to minimize maintenance and extend the lifespan of our products.

Patented Auto Car Wash Technology

Our patented spray arms provide increased cleaning power without the use of rotary swivels and the patented Vertical Profiling System adjusts spray force according to vehicle height. These two innovations combine to increase cleaning power while reducing water and electricity consumption. For tunnel washes, the Accutrac 360-t features exclusive vehicle tracking that significantly improves bug removal and overall cleaning of the fronts and backs of vehicles.

"The Accutrac is stainless and simple...easy to work on and to maintain. It runs day in and day out without issue or worry."

- Jason Day, Expressway Car Wash, Morgantown, WV

Built with Installers and Maintenance Technicians in Mind

Car wash equipment installers and technicians praise our equipment for its easy install and minimal maintenance. From the moment the truck arrives, installers find it simple to unload, unpackage and install. Countless considerations have been implemented to make their jobs faster and easier. Caster wheels and lifting cradles are provided while spray arms unfold from the main gantry.

If a feature can be pre-assembled, we have pre-assembled it to make installation easier for everyone. Maintenance technicians find our equipment requires minimal attention and they appreciate how easy it is to work on. Documentation is comprehensive, clear and concise.

Designed by Car Wash Operators for Car Wash Operators

The Petit family has owned and operated car washes since 1968. The design of the Accutrac line of equipment reflects their many years of experience and their desire for equipment that is robust, easy to maintain, fast enough to capitalize on busy days and has a low operating cost over time.

The Accutrac line of equipment offers an abundance of industry leading features that help car wash operators minimize problems and maximize profits. Head over to our testimonials page and read what satisfied Petit Auto Wash customers have to say about our automatic car wash equipment. Feel free to contact us today for more information on any of our automatic, touch-free car wash systems.

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