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Commercial Car Wash Equipment

Petit Auto Wash was established in 1968 when Tom Petit, Sr. and his wife Rita opened their first self-serve, in-bay automatic car wash in Norton, Ohio. Following the initial success, they opened two additional car washes in Norton and Wadsworth. Sensing the need for quality service in the car wash industry, Tom Sr. became a local Cat Pump distributor and began providing car wash chemicals and repair services to businesses in the area.

Tom Petit Jr., was just eight years old when he began working for his father in the family’s car wash business. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace technology and attaining his Airline Transport Pilot rating, Tom Jr. spent the next few years working as a corporate pilot. While spending a lot of time waiting at airport terminals, Tom dedicated himself to researching how he could improve commercial car wash systems.

"The best part of the last 21 years has been dealing with Tom Petit and his team. They continue to display integrity and have helped us to succeed with their time & great equipment. Thanks Tom and your awesome team!"

- Jim Branney, Splash-N-Dash, Uniontown, OH

Development of Patents

In 1989, the first of Tom Jr.’s seven U.S. Patents was approved, and Tom decided to devote his full attention to the car wash industry. He incorporated Petit Auto Wash and began manufacturing equipment.

During the 1990’s and 2000’s, Petit Auto Wash, Inc. manufactured the Accutrac Wash Robot for use in conveyor car wash tunnels. This machine saw great success and was granted four U.S. Patents. Many of these systems are in service nationwide, washing millions of cars since their inception into the industry.

"We have just shy of 400k cars on the unit and there have only been minor mechanical repairs all of which we have been able to resolve in house without needing our distributors to come out for service."

- Alma Wilcher, Breeze Thru, Longmont, CO

The Accutrac 360 Series Car Wash Equipment

In 2008, after seven years of research and development, Petit Auto Wash, Inc. introduced the Accutrac 360 series commercial car wash equipment. Covered by three patents, others still pending, both the Accutrac 360-t Tunnel machine and the Accutrac 360-i In-Bay machine deliver industry leading performance. They have set the new benchmark for cleaning power while simultaneously lowering water and electric usage.

While the manufacturing facility has grown to include a multimillion-dollar inventory, Petit Auto Wash continues to operate their own car washes locally in addition to providing service and support to other car washes in Northern Ohio. Since 1968, Petit Auto Wash has been known for manufacturing superior products, offering reliable services and treating customers and employees like family.

In addition to his current job as President of Petit Auto Wash, Inc. Tom Jr. has also served as President of the Ohio Car Wash Association and has served on the International Car Wash Association’s Market Research Committee.

Currently, Tom and his brother Dennis own and manage more than a dozen car washes in Northeast Ohio. Although the company has grown significantly over the last several decades, Petit Auto Wash continues to operate as a family business encouraging family values – a fact that the Petit family will value for years to come.

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