Car Wash Monitoring: The Details You Need to Be Tracking

Managing a car wash is no easy task, but real-time monitoring is continuously getting simpler with advanced systems.

While tunnel car washes have staff on site during open hours, in-bay operations can go days without any on-hand employees. And the employees on-site at most car washes may not be trained to identify or correct all maintenance issues. To prevent operation shutdowns, car wash monitoring and control systems have become increasingly more sophisticated, alerting managers to problems immediately, and giving owners the power to act remotely.

Car washes must monitor a significant number of essentials that need to be continuously restocked, refilled and checked daily. Keeping a watchful eye on equipment, chemical usage, pay stations, the building and even customers is a rigorous task. Whether in-person or online, staying tuned in to these issues is becoming easier with the right tools and system.

Car Wash Equipment

Car wash equipment can vary greatly, but no matter the kind of system being used, regular monitoring and maintenance will assure it is in working condition. Regular monitoring applications will often observe and report incidents that disrupt your in-bay operation. Examples of a critical fault would be a customer’s vehicle coming into contact with the equipment, which is then unable to correct itself to resume operation. Through both remote monitoring and a camera system, operators can reset equipment to begin working again if the issue doesn’t require in-person maintenance.

Power outages, pump pressures, air compressors, drainage and water shortages can also impact your car wash equipment and be identified remotely, in real-time.

Chemical Levels

Providing a thorough clean for every vehicle requires great equipment and optimal chemical distribution.

In order to deliver a consistent wash experience, it is imperative that car wash owners supervise and control their chemical usage and costs. Most managers prefer to see their chemical levels in real time, a feature of Petit’s Accuview remote monitoring system, as opposed to estimated universal usage that can give a false figure.

Monitoring both pre-soaks and waxes in real time will provide owners with a better sense of their costs per wash. While most chemicals used won’t require daily refills, regular monitoring helps to schedule chemical replacement before levels get critically low and risk operation problems.

Pay Stations

In-bay washes need reliable pay stations to service customers when an attendant is not on site. Like all other equipment, pay stations should be examined regularly to assure uninterrupted car wash service.

When on-site, check the viewing screen, keypad and other capabilities it may have like a voice module, intercom and lighting. Confirm all pay stations have a working credit card reader that is free of any obstructions.

Other Monitoring Considerations

Remote monitoring will come in handy in other aspects of your business besides the obvious areas like equipment, chemicals and pay stations.

Temperature monitoring, of both the inside and outside of the building, will be important. The way you manage entrances and exits can change with the outside temperature. Doors can remain open during a wash when the outside temperature is mild or closed it if is below freezing.

With a camera system, you will also be able to monitor customers, the car wash’s cleanliness and whether an in-person attendant is needed on site.

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