Automatic Car Wash System Remote Monitoring

Innovative Control Interface

Remotely Monitor Your Automatic Car Wash System

No matter how close you are or how far away, you’ll want to remotely monitor your automated car wash system and facility at all times.

Accuview from Petit Auto Wash is a car wash control interface that utilizes real-time reporting technology to remotely monitor your in-bay car wash in every way imaginable.

Control Your System Using the Mobile App

Safeguard your car wash operations by using the mobile app to receive important alerts and data via e-mail or text message (SMS). Keep tabs on all of the essentials:

  • Customers
  • Equipment
  • Building
  • Weather
  • Supplies

Within seconds, you can introduce free or discounted car washes to stay ahead of any potential customer complaints.

You also have the ability to open and close bay doors, observe equipment functionality and supervise overall facility operations from afar.

The extensive offerings of this remote monitoring system from Petit Auto Wash solidify their position as leading innovators within the car wash manufacturing industry.

Consistently Track Chemical Usage

It’s vital that you are able to identify and control your actual chemical costs. Unlike similar systems that track soap and wax usage by depending on estimated universal averages, the Accuview uses a precision flow meter to monitor chemicals in real time. These measurements, combined with your specific facility data and configurations, can then trigger a text alert directly to your phone if your in-bay car wash is using too little or too much of a certain chemical.

With Accuview, you’ll be notified about every aspect of the car wash. If a customer pays for the car wash but doesn’t enter the bay, you’ll get an alert. If any equipment isn’t performing within preferred ranges, you’ll get an alert. And you’ll know instantly whether there are any leaks or when a pump fails to any degree.

Car wash owners and managers want to know as much as possible about all facility operations – and Accuview is up to the task. You can monitor:

  • Wash bay and outdoor temperatures
  • Low air or water pressure
  • Flooding
  • Spot free water quality issues

How much do you need to know about your automatic car wash systems and facilities? We’re eager to tell you more about the power of Accuview and how it can support your operations and bottom line. Contact us today or call 330-861-0760.

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