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Applicator and Rinse Arches for Tunnel Car Washes

Accutrac XR Series tunnel wash equipment are individual spray arches that are used for chemical application, high pressure washing or spot free rinsing. XR car wash arches use the same patented spray arms found on the Accutrac 360-t, but with the spray arms attached to a stationary arch instead of a follower arch that travels with the vehicle.

The spray arms feature high impact nozzles that oscillate back and forth at a speed that ensures every spot on each vehicle is covered at least two times. This double spray coverage applies chemicals more evenly, creates a more effective high-pressure wash and significantly improves rinse results. The car wash spray arms have no rotary swivels, making them ideal for reclaimed water systems.

Accutrac XR series arches are available with a 3-position pivoting function that can rotate the spray arms up to 45 degrees towards the front or rear of a vehicle. The arches require only 2 to 3 feet of tunnel space and can be configured to suit your specific application.

XR High Pressure Side Washers and Top Washers

High pressure side washers add high impact cleaning power to the side of vehicles, particularly targeting rocker panels, tires and rims. Prior to entering the friction section of the car wash, these side washers remove abrasive dirt and grit with ease. Top washers are frequently used to remove snow and ice, or to rinse heavy foam from the wash session.

XR Spot-Free Rinse Arch

Oscillating nozzles efficiently rinse out hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Their pivoting function is used to effectively rinse mirrors and fronts and backs of all vehicles.

XR Pre-Soak Applicator Arch

The pivoting feature of the pre-soak applicator arch provides for better soap application to fronts and backs of vehicles, while oscillating nozzles allow for double spray coverage and a more even application.

  • Provides increased cleaning and rinsing power on focused surface areas
  • Oscillating spray nozzles provide double coverage of all surfaces
  • Improved coverage of mirrors and the fronts and backs of vehicles
  • 3-position pivoting function
  • Foam applicators
  • Pumping stations
  • Specifications vary according to selected application - contact us for more information

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