Accutrac 360-i


Superior Auto Cleaning

Cleans Faster than Other In-Bay Car Washes

Dual Spray Arms wash, wax and rinse vehicles faster, giving the 360-i the ability to effectively clean up to 29 cars per hour. Using the Accutrac’s built-in queue control system and adding a traffic gate can further expedite customer payment while streamlining the entire process. This is particularly useful with wash club programs that utilize RFID, camera or mobile phone apps to activate the wash systems.

With the Accutrac 360-i In-Bay car wash system, customers won’t have to sacrifice time for superior cleaning results, and operators will realize higher rates of return on their investment.

"Prior to the Accutrac installation our slower bay did 30% fewer washes; after the upgrade the Accutrac is now our better performing bay doing 41% more washes than its counterpart."

- Rich Costal, Splash and Shine, Girard, OH

Provides Superior Cleaning Power

Compared to typical car wash equipment, the spray nozzles on an Accutrac 360-i are twice as large and therefore deliver twice as much spray impact. In addition to the larger size, the nozzle’s spray pattern is significantly narrower and more tightly focused than that found on other equipment.

Concentrating the extra available spray force of the Accutrac’s nozzle on a smaller area results in cleaning power that is two to four times greater than competitor capabilities. When using the 360-i car wash, the powerful water spray impact is immediately apparent to customers and proprietors.

Oscillating Nozzles Wash the Vehicle Twice on Every Pass

As the Accutrac’s dual spray arms move around the vehicle, individual spray nozzles oscillate back and forth at a speed that ensures every spot of a vehicle is cleaned at least two times. This double spray coverage applies soap more evenly, creates a more effective high-pressure wash and significantly improves spot-free rinse results.

For bugs and other tough cleaning conditions, the 360-i has a “Super-Clean” mode that provides quadruple spray coverage. It washes the vehicle four times with a single pass of the spray arms.

Patented Design Auto-Adjusts Spray Force According to Vehicle Height

Many touch-free wash systems can thoroughly clean the tops of tall vehicles, but lack the power necessary to clean hoods and windshields on smaller vehicles. The Accutrac 360-i has a patented vertical profiling system that measures the height profile of each vehicle and automatically adjusts the spray force accordingly. This allows the Accutrac to deliver the same cleaning power regardless of the distance between the spray nozzles and a vehicle surface. Currently, there are no other wash systems on the market that use this type of technology.

Wash Taller Vehicles, Ladder Racks and Other Accessories

The Accutrac 360-i can wash vehicles up to eight feet high – that’s six to twelve inches higher than the height limit on most automatic car washes. This system is also built to handle vehicles with ladders, ladder racks, ski racks and other accessories.

Use Less Water and Less Electricity

Despite having larger spray nozzles, the Accutrac 360-i uses less water and electricity than other touch-free car wash systems. Total water usage for an Accutrac wash is approximately 43 gallons per car including underbody and spot-free applications. Many other systems use 70 to 80 gallons of water per car wash.

The Accutrac 360-i uses two methods to reduce water and electricity consumption. First, by scanning the height of the vehicle and selectively turning spray nozzles on or off as needed. And second, the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) controls spin the pumps faster or slower depending on the vehicle height and the number of nozzles in use at any given moment.

Durable, Low Maintenance Car Wash Equipment

We have left no stone unturned in our search to develop automatic car wash equipment that uses the best components and techniques available to minimize maintenance and extend product lifespan. Some of our many technical innovations include the use of all stainless steel construction, sealed hypoid gearboxes and long-life polymer insert bearings.

Our patented spray arms eliminate the need for rotary swivels, making them ideal for use with reclaim water systems. Motors and electrical boxes are heated to prevent condensation and corrosion and the wash bay equipment has no pneumatic tires, belts or pulleys. All of these features combine to drastically reduce the amount of maintenance required.

"When I replaced two of my Lasers with the Accutrac 360-i I saw my wash volume increase by 20% and I’ve been down a total of one day over 4 years in service. Plus, the total repair costs for the Accutrac 360 have been less than $1,000 over those four years!"

- Dan Bell, Murrysville Car Wash, Murrysville, PA

Remotely Monitor Chemical Usage, Equipment and Facility

The included Accuview car wash control interface provides for complete monitoring and control of your car wash, whether you are on-site, or hundreds of miles away. It can be easily accessed on a desktop computer or mobile device. The Accuview continuously monitors all functions of the car wash and provides status alerts by e-mail or text message (SMS).

Standard features include the ability to view equipment status, wash bay and outside temperatures, pump pressures and more. You can also remotely control the car wash equipment, issue free car washes and control doors and traffic gates. The system allows you to save four different Wash Recipes, which are unique wash and chemical configurations that can be changed with the click of a button. These are particularly useful for running specials or when modifying the wash speed and configuration according to weather conditions.

In addition to monitoring the automatic car wash equipment, the Accuview can also monitor and alert you to problems occurring in other areas of your car wash facility. These include freezing temperatures, low water or air pressure, flooding, poor spot free water quality and much more.

"At 3:30 AM yesterday morning I received a notification by text of an “air compressor, motor run-on” at Graham Rd… I got online and found the part we needed at a nearby store. By 8:00 AM we were back in business before the day began! Thanks to this notification there wasn’t one customer who experienced any problem."

- Don DeSario, United Car Wash, Stow, OH

The optional chemical monitoring feature tracks chemical usage on a per-car basis, immediately alerting you if chemical usage is too high or too low. This system also displays chemical container levels and will alert you in advance when chemicals will need to be replenished. The chemical monitor will display the true quantity and cost of chemicals used on each individual vehicle, which allows for fast set-up and precise control of chemical costs. Learn more about the Accuview here.

In-Bay Car Wash System Benefits
  • Washes up to 29 cars per hour 
  • Standard 8-foot-high vehicle clearance increases available customer base 
  • Increased cleaning power due to use of high impact oscillating nozzles and vertical vehicle profiling
  • Electric and water consumption is reduced using VFD motor control and by selective activation of spray nozzles according to vehicle height
  • Reduced maintenance: no rotary swivels, pneumatic tires, belts or pulleys
In-Bay Car Wash Features
  • Dual Spray Arms and Dual 25-HP (High Pressure) Pumps
  • Patented vertical vehicle profiling increases spray impact and reduces water usage
  • All stainless steel and corrosion-proof components are used in the wash-bay, while all plumbing components and fittings are also stainless steel
  • Heated motors and electrical enclosures reduce condensation and extend component life
  • Sealed hypoid gearboxes are highly efficient and maintenance free
  • Replaceable polymer inserts extend the lifespan of idler wheels and other pivoting components
  • Remote monitoring and control of the car wash is provided via smartphone, tablet or computer
  • LED light show changes color according to wash pass
  • Eight configurable wash packages
Accutrac 360-i Car Wash System Optional Features
  • Chemical monitoring system
  • Foam waterfall
  • Stainless steel hose end fittings
  • Single high pressure pump version
  • Free standing dryers
  • Signage
  • Traffic gate
  • Custom colors and graphics
Accutrac 360-i Technical Information
  • Minimum Wash Bay Size: 31’4” long x 14’7” wide x 10’11” high 
  • Control Power: 19 Amps @ 208/230V 3-phase
  • 25-HP Pump Power: 65/60/30 Amps @ 208/230/460 Volt 3-phase (quantity of two required for dual-pump version)

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