The 25 HP Stacked Pump Station


Stacked Pump for Car Wash Systems

25 HP Stacked Pump Car Wash Systems

Car wash owners commonly struggle with equipment room space. Having enough room to store all of the necessary back end systems and chemicals is often problematic. Plumbing lines, pumps and chemical inventory can make small equipment rooms difficult to navigate and tougher to maintain.

As an integral component in every in-bay and tunnel car wash, a well-designed pump station can not only boost the efficiency of your operation but can also create a more organized backroom.

Space Saving, Compact Design

Petit’s 25 Horse Power Stacking Pump Station offers many benefits with the most significant being its compact, design. Running our in-bay and tunnel equipment with dual pumps allows for maximum speed, efficiency and cleaning power. The two-pump design works simultaneously with one pump supplying the underbody and side spray arms, while the second supplies the top washer.

Although we still recommend the standard dual pumps if space is available, we understand that many car wash facilities have limited square footage for equipment storage. With the stacked design, two pumps fit in the same footprint as one and car wash owners can still offer a better and faster clean without taking up additional space.

Quality Components that Fit Your Requirements

Whether you are building a new business or interested in upgrading equipment at your current facility, the stacked pump options are a great choice for businesses with limited space. Contact us today for more information on our car wash equipment.

  • Significant space savings
  • More vehicles processed per hour
  • Less water and electricity usage due to better control of pressure and nozzles
  • Aluminum and powder coated frame to mitigate rust and corrosion
  • Pulsation Dampeners to extend hose and pump life
  • Noise and vibration dampening construction
  • Fill tank flow regulator
  • 11-foot clearance required

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