The 25 HP Pump Station


Extended Belt Life System

25 HP Pump Station for High Impact Water Supply

A pump station is just one of the many components used in nearly every in-bay or tunnel car wash. The design appears relatively simple – a tank, pump and motor. However, all pump stations are not created equal, and, as is the case with everything we build at Petit, our pump station incorporates better materials and added features, while also designing a more robust, easy to maintain product.

Space Saving, Serviceable Design

Our pump station is built with a compact yet open design. This will save space in your equipment room, but more importantly, it will allow for quick and easy servicing of all components. If your equipment room is especially tight, we offer a stackable version that makes room for two pump stations to fit in the same floor space as one station.

Quality Components

Since equipment rooms frequently get wet, our pump station frames are built from aluminum and powder coated, so they will never rust or corrode. We use totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors rather than the less expensive open drip proof (ODP) motors found on most manufacturers’ equipment. Additionally, our pumps are supplied by industry leader Cat Pumps, with Wanner Hydra-Cell pumps available as an alternative.

Important Added Features

Pulsation dampeners are standard equipment and we incorporated them into our pump stations to extend hose and pump life while also reducing noise. For further noise reduction, our pump stations come with vibration-dampening leveling feet and Lexan belt guards. The extended life belt system will provide years of service without any adjustments and the simple single-point tensioning system allows for quick and easy belt tension correction.

Since many car washes have low water pressure or undersized plumbing, our pump stations include inline flow regulators for the fill tanks. These regulators smooth out pressure swings that occur in the building’s water supply and help prevent water starvation of critical equipment. To help conserve water, we offer an optional reject water reclaim system for our pump stations. This simple system uses an additional tank stacked on top of the pump station to capture and reuse the reject water from the reserve osmosis (spot free) system.

Learn more about the compact 25 HP Stacked Pump Car Wash System.

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  • Innovative design reduces maintenance and extends the lifespan of critical components including the pump, motor, belts and hoses
  • Reduces problems due to pressure swings in the building water supply
  • Saves water with the optional R.O. reject water recovery system
  • Cat 3535 Pump capable of 36 gpm at 1,200 psi
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor
  • See-through Lexan belt guard
  • Pulsation dampener
  • Fill tank flow regulator
  • Single-point belt tension adjustment
  • Stackable configuration
  • R.O. reject water recovery system
  • Wanner Hydra-Cell pump
  • Equipment Dimensions: 30” wide x 39" deep x 75" high
  • 25 Hp Pump Power: 65/60/30 Amps @ 208/240/460 Volt 3-phase

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