The Accutrac Wash Robot

State of the Art, Patented Wash System

The Accutrac® Wash System is so state-of-the-art it’s patented! Not once, but four times over. We believe in the Accutrac® Wash System so much we not only build it — we use it! Car washers building car wash equipment — what a concept!

We have washed cars for over 30 years. This experience has taught us that to be successful, you need wash equipment that does three things:

  • appeals to your customer
  • produces a sparkling clean car and
  • delivers rock-solid dependability


The key element of our wash system is the Accutrac® Wash Robot. The Accutrac® Wash Robot gives customers what they want — a touch free, worry free wash resulting in an extremely clean car. And, to eliminate your worries, it has special safety systems to protect the  customer’s car and your equipment. This includes a fail-safe system that is so good, it can even function during a power outage. Now that’s worry free washing.

The Accutrac® Wash Robot adjusts to the size and shape of every vehicle. It even measures and responds to the angle of the surface it is washing. This precise positioning of the spray gives the robot the advantage of far greater cleaning power delivered to areas other systems can’t reach. These include vehicle fronts, backs and even the rear windows of pickup trucks. Whether it is a compact car, truck or van, the Accutrac® Wash Robot produces a sparkling clean vehicle.

For all of its technological advancements and patents, the Accutrac® Wash Robot is elegantly simple in its design. It has few moving parts
and it makes use of the best corrosion resistant components available, including stainless steel bearings. Due to these and many other features the Accutrac® Wash Robot is extremely low maintenance. But the best part is that when you purchase an Accutrac® Wash Robot, you are investing in a proven performer. For over 10 years, dozens of Accutrac operators have washed millions of cars in all types of climates.

Worry free car washing for your customers, more profit for you.

It’s what customers want, it’s what you need.




  • Precision vehicle contouring ensures superior cleaning where other systems can’t reach
  • Low maintenance
  • Properly cleans front and rear of vehicle
  • Reduced labor
  • No vehicle damage
  • Proven Performance
  • High production speeds of 130 cars per hour and above


  • Patented
  • 100% touch free
  • Uses engineered hi-impact water droplet technology
  • Uses computer guided precision to contour the vehicle bumper to bumper
  • Reliable low-pressure safety system
  • Ultra fast back-up safety system
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • UL approved
  • Uses time-tested submersible duty sensors


  • Wash Robot
  • Hydraulic power package
  • Solid-state computer control


Technical data:

  • Robot:
    • Minimum wash bay size: 10’1″ high (9’11” with modification), 15′ wide, 9’11” long
    • Vehicle clearance: 91″ high, 112″ wide
    • Water requirement: See 25 HP Pump Station (not included)
  • Fluid Power Package: 
    • Motor: 1 HP, 208/240/460 Volt 3-phase, 4.8/4.2/2.1 Amps
    • Air requirement: 100 psi, 3/8″ I.D. minimum
    • Dimensions: 38″ high, 22″ wide, 16″ deep
  • Computer:
    • Electric requirement: 110 VAC, 6 Amp
    • Requires 3 tunnel controller functions
    • Dimensions: 26″ high, 24″ wide, 9.5″ deep



  • 25 HP Pump Station
  • Driver or passenger side plumbing feed
  • Crossover plumbing package for wash oscillator plumbing feed


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