Accutrac 360-t

Tunnel Wash System


Vehicle Front & Rear Tracking

Dual Spray Arms travel along with the vehicle as they move in and out to wash the front and backs of vehicles. Requires only 30” between cars. Effectively cleans the entire vehicle at speeds up to 180 cars per hour.


Double the Spray Impact

Pump the same amount of water (at the same pressure) through half as many nozzles (that are twice as large) and you get twice the spray impact! Patented Vertical Profiling System measures the height profile of the vehicle and adjusts the spray impact accordingly! This system maintains superior spray impact regardless of vehicle height. No other wash system has this!


Double the Cleaning

Oscillating spray nozzles cover every spot on the vehicle at least twice. This double coverage enhances high pressure cleaning (think bug removal) and spot free rinsing. Large Droplet Technology: Our spray nozzles produce larger water droplets that carry more impact to the vehicle.


Half the Maintenance

The Accutrac 360-t has…

  • No rotary swivels
  • No pneumatic tires
  • No belts or pulleys
  • 8 ft. high vehicle clearance is standard – an industry first!



  • Wash up to 189 cars per hour
  • Effectively clean front and rear of vehicles with as little as 30 inches between them
  • Tracking feature increases the time the spray arm spend cleaning front and backs of vehicles
  • Standard 8 ft. high vehicle clearance increases customer base
  • Cleans better due to increased impact, double coverage & vertical profiling
  • Reduced maintenance: no rotary swivels, no pneumatic tires, no belts or pulleys
  • Lower electric & water consumption due to Vertical Profiling and VFD controls



  • Automatically adjusts to changing conveyor speed, vehicle length and height
  • Vertical Profiling doubles the impact on hoods and windshields
  • Upper level side nozzles (T.V. Nozzles) turn on only when needed on tall vehicles
  • All stainless steel and corrosion proof components in the wash bay
  • Heated motors and electrical enclosures reduce condensation and extend component life
  • Sealed hypoid gearboxes are highly efficient and maintenance free
  • Replaceable polymer inserts in idler wheels and pivot points


Technical data:

  • Bay Equipment Dimensions: 9’4-1/2” long x 14’11-3/4” wide x 10’11” high
  • Control Power: 17 Amps @ 208/230V 3-ph
  • 25 Hp Pump Power: 65/60/30 Amps @ 208/230/460V 3-ph each. Two required when Top Washer is included



  • LED light show
  • Custom colors & graphics
  • Available with or without Top Washer


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