The Accutrac Wash System

The Accutrac® Wash System is so state-of-the-art it’s patented! Not once, but four times over. We believe in the Accutrac® Wash System so much that we not only build it — we use it! Car washers building car wash equipment — what a concept! We have washed cars for over 30 years. This experience has taught us that to be successful, you need wash equipment that does three things:

  • appeals to your customer
  • produces a sparkling clean car
  • delivers rock-solid dependability


The key element of our wash system is the Accutrac® Wash Robot. The Accutrac® Wash Robot gives customers what they want — a touch-free, worry-free wash resulting in an extremely clean car. And, to eliminate your worries, it has special safety systems to protect the customer’s car and your equipment. This includes a fail-safe system that is so good, it can even function during a power outage. Now that’s worry-free washing.